When it comes to operational or customer-facing software applications, having adequate support is critical to long-term success. Without expert support on-call, your IT and customer service teams become the de facto software support resources – likely not how you want them spending their time.

After developing and implementing your custom software or app, Sourcetoad offers different support plans to ensure your software and users get the help they need, when they need it, to keep your business going strong.


Sourcetoad offers Managed Services, the monitoring and maintenance of our clients’ hosting environments, which is the infrastructure layer on which applications rely. This includes the network layer, the database servers, the application servers, firewalls, the DNS servers, mail servers, load balancers, and other subsystems. 



To ensure ongoing, optimal functionality of the software Sourcetoad develops, we offer support services for the application layer – the software itself. This support includes investigating and fixing issues that may impact particular users or to carry out minor modifications or enhancements in code.


Managed Services

For clients who mainly require business hours support, Sourcetoad offers a proactive, comprehensive Managed Services plan that includes the monitoring, maintenance, and support of the infrastructure, including everything from load balancers to DNS server. This plan is customized based on the size and complexity of the client’s development, staging, and production environments. 

For clients who require 24/7/365 infrastructure management, Sourcetoad offers customized plans. 

Application Support

Sourcetoad offers different levels of support to suit your business’ needs. We’ll help you determine if you need 24 hour, Level 1 desktop-style support for your software, or business hours support for Level 2 issues and outages? We can help you build a support plan that works for you and your company.

Sourcetoad provides:

  • A US-based team of highly qualified application support specialists
  • SLA-based incident management for response times
  • The highest quality customer service and support
  • A variety of support plans, including customized plans
  • Call intake with triage, updates, and assignments
  • 800 Vanity Numbers, as requested (setup fees apply)
  • Chat Services, as requested (setup fees apply)

Support features:

  • Customer service that meets or exceeds client expectations
  • Focus on First Call Resolution and efficient utilization of call time management
  • Continuous training through documentation and creation of knowledge bases
  • Consistent Help Desk processes and procedures focusing on efficiency and success
  • Relationship building between the Help Desk and other support resources and groups
  • Follow up with the customer, support individuals and escalation teams involved in the resolution process
  • Performance measurement of call resolution and closure of issues through reporting and metrics
  • Standardization of processes, scripts and operating procedures

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