Hack Hospitality Cruise Challenge – BellBoy

Nov 1, 2017

At the Tampa Bay Hack Hospitality hackathon there was only one team that included a robot — BellBoy. Austin Lubetkin, Eric Chan, and Paul Teleweck are working toward a world where you can order a martini in your cabin using an iPad, and in 15 minutes, a robot will arrive at your door with the cocktail.

The BellBoy app is intuitive and easy to use. You type in your cabin number and last name, and a menu pops up. You can then order towels, request delivery of your luggage, order ice, or order from the room-service menu. You can also add toothpaste, shampoo, and other small items. When you have placed your order, a countdown clock begins with your estimated wait time.


BellBoy in action.

BellBoy is deployed locally using Bluemix, which means passengers can connect to the local network and use it. The robot’s interface is an iPad Mini, so BellBoy can greet other guests as it rolls down the hallway. This also ensures that BellBoy isn’t bumped and your martini doesn’t land up on the floor.

The team’s goal is to eventually have different-sized service robots to accommodate different needs. For example, a smaller version could bring you a bucket of ice, and a larger version could deliver your bag to you.


Austin Lubetkin presenting at the hackathon.

BellBoy has the potential to shake up the cruise industry, and Austin, Eric, and Paul aren’t stopping with the hackathon. They are currently developing version 2.0, with a focus on creating a BellBoy that can handle the motion of a cruise ship.

To learn more about BellBoy, watch the demo that Austin Lubetkin gave at Sourcetoad’s headquarters.

[arve url=”https://vimeo.com/240561223″ /]


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