Hack Hospitality Cruise Challenge – Ryma

Oct 9, 2017

At the recent Tampa Bay Hack Hospitality hackathon, one of the teams who chose the Sourcetoad Cruise Challenge was Ryma. Liz Tiller, Michael Nash, Candi Orchulek, Michael Grein, Jasmine Frantz, and Betty Pierce created a luggage tracking system for the cruise industry.

The passenger experience is simple and elegant.

  • You check your bag and receive a QR code and URL.
  • When you want to find out the status of your luggage, you visit the URL and scan the code.
  • The status of your luggage appears on your screen (e.g., “In Transit”).

If you want to just wait until you’re notified, you will receive a push notification telling your luggage is ready.

Ryma is also able to be integrated into a cruise line’s current system, which would allow for additional features:

  • You would receive information on shore excursions, spa treatments, restaurant tables, and other ship services, with links to book them.
  • You could view a map to plan out your next port call.

Team Ryma

Michael Nash presenting Ryma at the hackathon.

An important feature of Ryma is that you can access it through your browser. This eliminates the need to download an app on constrained Wi-Fi networks.

Ryma is a React system, powered by Rails, and the team used a Raspberry Pi for the local push notifications.

To learn more about the project, watch the demo that Liz Tiller and Michael Nash presented at Sourcetoad’s headquarters.

[arve url=”https://vimeo.com/236829471?color=84bd00″ /]


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