User Training and Onboarding


Building custom software and mobile applications is a challenge, but getting people to use them can be another mountain to climb entirely! If everything is designed well, the expectation is that you shouldn’t need a lot of training on a new system.

In reality, one of the reasons you build custom software or mobile applications is that it is for a pretty specific, and oftentimes complex, business requirement or a new product for customers. Because we care about the success of your software and your business, Sourcetoad offers a variety of training and education solutions for all of the software and mobile applications we deliver.

Our Training and Onboarding SolutionsLet us help you ensure the success of your new software.

Admin or Super User Training

Sourcetoad can provide virtual or in-person training for your team, either on-site at your office, at offsite locations, or in our large 50-person training room at the Sourcetoad offices in Tampa.

TRAIN the trainer

If you have your own training standards, methods, tools, and trainers, Sourcetoad can work on your terms. Our developers, product managers, and trainers can produce materials in your LMS systems and then train your educators on the software.

Client Implementation Training

If your new software requires integration with your customers, Sourcetoad can assist your internal team as they bring your customers onto the platform. We’ve facilitated Scrum training and other technical training programs before – whatever it takes to ensure your software gets you the business value intended.

Client Onboarding

A successful launch of your new customer-facing software or app requires significant work to help your customers set up their new accounts and logins and learn to use your new product. Sourcetoad can help you design onboarding and account set-up materials, tutorials, and FAQs so your team can hit the ground running. Or, if you’d prefer to outsource onboarding entirely, our team can provide ongoing support to new users as they establish accounts on your new system.

Developer Training and Onboarding

In the case that Sourcetoad builds developer tool for your clients to implement on their side, we can manage the training and onboarding of those teams too!

Training Toolkits

If your team would like to manage internal training yourselves, Sourcetoad can assist by providing technical documentation, videos, and other tools for your team to use in their training sessions.

how-to videos

We can produce a training video for every major release of the software we develop for our clients. This allows you to incrementally build up a library of relevant training videos. The videos are short enough that they are easy to replace if a feature changes significantly and still give a complete overview of how to use a particular system.

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