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Customized Digital Orchestra and User Engagement Platform for The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army (TSA) is a Protestant Christian church and an international charitable organization headquartered in London, England.

Challenge: Engaging Crowds in Competitive Convention Spaces

The Salvation Army faced the challenge of attracting and engaging attendees at crowded, competitive convention booths. Their objective was not only to draw attention to their booth but also to encourage visitors to share their contact information. Given the high-energy environment of conventions and the need for an innovative approach to stand out, a creative and interactive solution was necessary.

Solution: A Digital Orchestra with Interactive Technology

To meet this challenge, a unique and engaging experience was devised, comprising several key components:

1. Animated Video Series: We collaborated with a third-party animation team to create a series of captivating videos. These videos featured an animated orchestra capable of playing one of three selected songs.

2. Infrared LED Conductor’s Wand: A specially designed conductor’s wand was developed. This wand utilized infrared LED technology, allowing it to be used by convention attendees as a baton to interact with the digital orchestra.

3. Custom Software and Wii Controller Integration: The heart of the interactive experience was a custom software solution that integrated with a Wii controller. The Wii controller, functioning as a camera, was programmed to track the movements of the conductor’s wand. This setup enabled the detection and interpretation of the wand’s motion to control the digital orchestra.

User Interaction and Data Collection:

Attendees at the convention could step into the role of a conductor at a podium. By using the wand, they could “conduct” the animated orchestra. The unique aspect of this experience was the responsiveness of the orchestra to the conductor’s movements: the speed and height of the conducting would alter the tempo and volume of the music played by the band.

Alongside this interactive experience, a sign-up application was developed for iPads. This application allowed visitors to register their phone numbers and email addresses. Once registered, they would receive notifications alerting them when it was their turn to lead the orchestra. This not only managed the flow of participants but also efficiently gathered valuable contact information for The Salvation Army.


Enhanced Booth Attraction:

The interactive digital orchestra and conductor experience significantly increased visitor engagement at The Salvation Army’s convention booth.


Effective Data Collection:

The integration of the sign-up application ensured a seamless process for collecting contact details from interested attendees, fostering potential future engagements and communications.

Memorable Experience:

The unique combination of technology, music, and animation created a memorable experience for convention-goers, positively associating The Salvation Army with innovation and engagement.

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