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Sourcetoad co-creates custom mobile applications for our clients, including design, production, deployment, and maintenance, with our team of dedicated in-house experts.

We will work with you to understand your technical requirements and the needs of your various stakeholders, and design a project plan to build you a mobile application that will delight and engage users.

Why Build Your App with Sourcetoad? We love to develop custom mobile applications.


Our programmers, designers, and product managers have all worked on complex projects and understand how to transform various stakeholder expectations, regulatory requirements, and business processes into engaging mobile apps that delight users.


Sourcetoad is a full-service software development house. Our company is staffed by designers, programmers, database experts, project managers, and software architects. Developing a mobile app with us is a time- and cost-efficient way to ensure you get a technically-sound app that meets your business’ specific needs.


The success of the apps we build is important to us. Not only are we committed to our mobile apps working well, we’re invested in making sure it delivers the business value you expect.


Our team will assess your legacy systems and applications and ensure the app we build will work seamlessly with your existing technology.


We build “future proof” software applications that can evolve over time, as your business grows and market demands change.


Our focus on quality and stability is pathological. We believe that when you are building an app that represents your business, it needs to be perfect.

Our Process This is how we do it!


During the Kickoff, we spend time getting to know your stakeholders and team members and working directly on the project. We focus on making sure that everyone understands our process, and on finding ways we can adjust our work patterns to suit the stakeholders.

This usually involves a few meetings or phone calls discussing everyone’s thoughts and goals on the project.


During the Discovery phase, we investigate the requirements of the project in detail. The Discovery phase produces the first set of documentation for the project.

The purpose of this phase is to identify the business challenges, understand the processes around your current workflow, investigate alternative solutions, and provide an estimated timeline for the next step, Engineering.

Deliverables will include a refined estimate for the Engineering phase and can also include a presentation, feasibility study, design mockups, or other documentation.


The Engineering phase is where all of the pre-production work is performed. This phase can vary widely depending on the type of project. However, most projects follow a similar pattern, as outlined below:

  • Defining the work that our developers will do
  • Building a sprint and resource plan. 
  • Designing APIs, databases, and User Experience (UX)
  • Creating a quality assurance (QA) plan and establishing agreed-upon metrics for success

Production is the kind of work that you usually associate with professional programmers. This is our team of developers working on code to take the user stories and epics into a tangible reality.


We incorporate feedback from stakeholders, monitor the system, and adapt it based on ongoing conditions and changing requirements.

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