Case Studies

Since 2008, our team of in-house experts have managed over 300 custom software projects for clients across a variety of industries.


Personalized Eyewear Recommendation Tool

The app utilizes tailored algorithms to help users find ideal eyewear options based on their preferences.

I Retail Applications I


Smart, Self-Service Mail Kiosk with Custom Bluetooth Integration

A state-of-the-art tablet app, perfectly synchronized with a cutting-edge 3D scale via a custom Bluetooth interface.

I Retail Applications I

Jackson Hewitt

Secure, Intuitive Tax Preparation Application

A cross-platform mobile application tailored to their unique requirements.

I Financial Services I

Industry Genome

Centralized Business Information Hub

A robust system replete with templates, integrated with AI that autonomously extracts pertinent data, making the import process both intuitive and efficient.

I AI and Machine Learning I

Thompson Consulting

Robust, Cross-platform Response Application

The custom system not only streamlines rapid hiring, background checking, and onboarding of workers but also boasts the capability to reliably tag debris locations, even when offline.

I Architecture, Engineering, & Construction I

Baxter Medical Healthcare

Innovative Sales Tool and Calculator Application for Baxter Medical Healthcare

An innovative sales tool and calculator application specifically designed for Baxter’s mobile sales representatives.

I Healthcare and Pharmacy I

Certegy Payment Solutions

Seamless Integration with Legacy Systems

Custom solution enabling Certegy to seamlessly integrate new functionality with legacy systems, offering adaptability through a versatile SDK.

I Custom Software Development I

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