Case Studies

Since 2008, our team of in-house experts have managed over 300 custom software projects for clients across a variety of industries.


Personalized Eyewear Recommendation Tool

The app utilizes tailored algorithms to help users find ideal eyewear options based on their preferences.

I Retail Applications I


Smart, Self-Service Mail Kiosk with Custom Bluetooth Integration

A state-of-the-art tablet app, perfectly synchronized with a cutting-edge 3D scale via a custom Bluetooth interface.

I Retail Applications I

Jackson Hewitt

Secure, Intuitive Tax Preparation Application

A cross-platform mobile application tailored to their unique requirements.

I Financial Services I

Industry Genome

Centralized Business Information Hub

A robust system replete with templates, integrated with AI that autonomously extracts pertinent data, making the import process both intuitive and efficient.

I AI and Machine Learning I

Thompson Consulting

Robust, Cross-platform Response Application

The custom system not only streamlines rapid hiring, background checking, and onboarding of workers but also boasts the capability to reliably tag debris locations, even when offline.

I Architecture, Engineering, & Construction I

Baxter Medical Healthcare

Innovative Sales Tool and Calculator Application for Baxter Medical Healthcare

An innovative sales tool and calculator application specifically designed for Baxter’s mobile sales representatives.

I Healthcare and Pharmacy I

Certegy Payment Solutions

Seamless Integration with Legacy Systems

Custom solution enabling Certegy to seamlessly integrate new functionality with legacy systems, offering adaptability through a versatile SDK.

I Custom Software Development I

The Salvation Army

Interactive Booth Experience

Customized Digital Orchestra with Interactive Technology and User Engagement Platform.

I Custom Mobile Application I

Military organization

Innovative Mobile Learning System SOCOM Briefing App

Innovative Mobile Learning System for Understanding Complex Military Operations and Funding.

I Mobile Application I

Studio One Networks and Procter & Gamble Cosmetics Brands

Interactive Mobile App

A cross-platform interactive mobile application was developed for enhancing brand rngagement with customized beauty quizzes.

I Retail Applications I

HQ Select

AI-Driven Real Estate Agent and Property Matching System for HQ Select

An innovative platform considering various factors, including location, property size, and specific amenities, to match potential buyers with the agents best suited to their needs.

I Custom Software Development I

Activate Learning

Custom e-Learning Ecosystem for Activate Learning

Sourcetoad and Activate Learning co-created an iterative process through which the software development roadmap is regularly extended in anticipation of future needs.

I Custom Software Development I

CTI Leadership

Custom 360 Assessment and Learning Management System for CTI Leadership

Sourcetoad embarked on a project to develop a new system that would not only replace the existing platform, but also enhance and expand its capabilities.

I Custom Software Development I

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