Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Intelligent Data Integration & Streamlined User Experience for industryGENOME

industryGENOME is a health sciences market intelligence platform providing bottom-up industry analysis and reports.

Challenge: A Centralized Business Information Hub

In an era of rapidly accessible data, there’s an increasing need for Investment Bankers to hac access to a one-stop platform providing detailed insights into companies and their respective industry classifications. Industry Genome aimed to meet this demand, envisioning an all-encompassing business and finance application. Their primary challenge was not just to compile data on events, deals, and companies but to also organize it efficiently and make it readily available to their users in the form of comprehensive dashboards and reports. Huge efficiencies could be realized if white papers, market reports, conference research reports, etc. could be generated by a machine rather than a team of financial analysts.

Solution: Intelligent Data Integration & Streamlined User Experience

Understanding the intricate needs of Industry Genome, our team designed a robust system replete with templates, making the data import process both intuitive and efficient. To minimize manual input, and to ensure that the data remained up-to-date and accurate, a collaboration was initiated with a third-party AI specialist. Together with Industry Genome, the AI was trained to autonomously extract pertinent data about events, deals, and companies from across the web.

As we progressed, the focus shifted towards providing this wealth of information to a broader audience. A dedicated customer-facing portal was created to allow subscribers easy access to data as well as to empower them to stay abreast of industry trends and conduct in-depth research, providing a unique value proposition that’s challenging to find elsewhere.


Automated Data Aggregation:

The integration of AI has vastly reduced manual data entry, ensuring the platform remains updated with minimal human intervention.

Completely Automated Industry Papers:

The combination of the highly specialized industry taxonomy, manual entry from vertical experts, machine learning systems helping to categorize data, and AI tools assisting analysts have made generating (and selling) reports as easy as clicking a button.

Future-Ready Platform:

The upcoming customer-facing portal will position Industry Genome as a frontrunner in business research, offering subscribers a centralized hub for all their informational needs.

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