AWS Audits

Ensure your AWS environment
is reliable and secure.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is an extraordinarily powerful platform on which companies can build almost anything imaginable. With AWS, the adage of “with great power, comes great responsibility,” holds true. Just because a system works does not mean it is either reliable or secure.

Whether you’ve had problems with your AWS infrastructure in the past, or are just curious about how well it is architected in terms of best practices, Sourcetoad’s AWS Audit can help. We can give you a detailed report outlining how your AWS infrastructure compares against industry standards in terms of scalability, fault tolerance, security, and permissions/access control.

Sourcetoad’s AWS Audit Services:

A Comprehensive Analysis

Scalability Assessment

Why It’s Important:

Ensuring that your AWS infrastructure can adapt to future growth without performance issues.

How Sourcetoad Helps:

We analyze your current setup, suggesting improvements to ensure scalable and efficient operation.

Fault Tolerance Analysis

Why It’s Important:

Preventing service interruptions and potential data loss through careful analysis of potential failure points.

How Sourcetoad Helps:

We identify weak spots in your infrastructure and recommend robust solutions for uninterrupted service.

Security Audit

Why It’s Important:

Protecting your AWS environment against vulnerabilities and potential breaches.

How Sourcetoad Helps:

Our comprehensive audit reviews security measures, from firewalls to encryption, and suggests enhancements to guard against threats.

Permissions/Access Control Review

Why It’s Important:

Managing who has access to what within your AWS environment is crucial to maintain control and security.

How Sourcetoad Helps:

We assess your current permissions and access controls, ensuring that they align with best practices, and recommend adjustments to balance accessibility and security.

Why Choose Sourcetoad’s AWS Audit?

Expert Insight

Gain precise insights from seasoned AWS professionals.

Customized Approach

Receive tailored recommendations that align with your unique business needs.

Peace of Mind

Rest easy knowing your AWS environment is optimized for performance, security, and growth.

Who Should Consider
an AWS Audit?

Businesses Seeking Cost Optimization:

Learn how to use AWS more efficiently.

Companies Needing Enhanced Security and Access Control:

Ensure your environment is protected and that permissions are properly managed.

Growing Organizations:

Assess your AWS setup’s readiness to scale with your expanding business.

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