Financial Services


Consumer expectations of their financial institutions are changing rapidly, forcing companies to accelerate digital initiatives to remain competitive in this fast-moving environment.
Sourcetoad will meet you wherever you are on your digital journey, scoping and developing adaptable solutions that meet your most pressing short-term needs while remaining aligned with your long-term innovation roadmap.

Why SourcetoadWe love to develop tech solutions for Financial Services.


We’ve been building software applications for nearly 15 years and understand how to transform customer demands, regulatory requirements, and long-term visions into effective technological solutions that work with existing core systems.

Whether you’re looking to improve process efficiency or introduce a new customer-facing product or service, our team has years of experience developing, implementing, and maintaining successful projects like yours.

We’ve designed and built bank payment processing applications, payroll management systems, accounting tools, business intelligence applications for investment banks, and a variety of other fintech solutions for forward-thinking financial services firms.


We co-create solutions with our clients in a culture of mutual accountability and frequent, direct communication. Sourcetoad is your partner throughout your digital journey, bringing you new ideas to meet rapidly evolving market needs so you stay proactive and competitive.

As your partner, we believe in complete transparency and alignment around the use of customer data, effective risk management standards, and regulatory compliance.


Sourcetoad follows Agile development principles and will help you develop a precise roadmap aligned with your specific needs to deliver a focused but adaptable product through continuous iteration.

We also serve as your product team, helping you to continuously deliver innovative technologies without having to micromanage a development team.

Solutions for Financial Services Our capabilities include Third-party Systems Integration (Plaid, etc.) and SOC-2 Type 2 Compliance.

Custom Software Development

Core Legacy Systems Modernization

Financial Middleware Systems Design

Secure API and SDK Development

Mobile Application Development

Business Process Digitization

Operational Software Development

Proof-of-Concept Design and Prototyping

Customer-Facing Application Development

Security and Penetration Testing

Financial Services ProjectsClient Study: Certegy Payment Solutions
How a Leading Digital Payment Processor Added a Future-Proof Product Platform to a Legacy Tech Stack

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