Private Equity Technology Solutions

Enhancing portfolio company value through strategic technology and digital transformation

In the competitive realm of private equity, technology plays a pivotal role in maximizing the value of portfolio companies. Sourcetoad offers specialized technology services tailored to the unique needs of private equity firms and their portfolio companies. We specialize in assessing existing technology platforms and designing modernization plans to foster digital transformation and growth.

Why Sourcetoad

Our expertise is particularly valuable in the private equity context because:

We enhance the intellectual property value of each company, contributing to the overall growth of the firm.

We transform technology achievements into PR victories, boosting the reputation and value of organizations.

We recognize the distinct funding and reporting requirements of PE-backed companies.

Our experience in scaling technology solutions across a portfolio of companies results in increased values and economies of scale.

We understand the diverse investment types and goals of private equity firms.

Our approach is aligned with the high expectations of private equity stakeholders.

Solutions for Private Equity Technology

Our specialized services for private equity firms and their portfolio companies include:

Comprehensive code audits for due diligence

Advanced security and penetration testing

Middleware-first approaches for modernizing legacy systems

Development of highly secure and scalable custom software

Fractional CTO consulting for strategic technology leadership

Expert digital transformation consulting

Post-merger integration technology support

Innovative cloud solutions and infrastructure optimization

DevOps support and training for operational efficiency

Data analytics and business intelligence solutions

Customized CRM and ERP systems for operational excellence

Technology roadmapping and strategic planning

Why Choose Sourcetoad

Sourcetoad’s deep understanding of the nuances and expectations of private equity-backed companies positions us as a key partner in driving value through technology. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your portfolio companies with cutting-edge technology solutions.

Case Study – Activate Learning

Staying Ahead of the Curve: Sourcetoad and Activate Learning’s Future-Proof Approach

Development of Custom
e-Learning Ecosystem

Sourcetoad and Activate Learning co-created an iterative process through which the software development roadmap is regularly extended in anticipation of future needs.

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Case Study – Certegy

Tech that Expects Change

Development without Disruption

Sourcetoad engineers designed and implemented an alternative platform approach wherein custom middleware would be built within an AWS cloud layer on top of the existing systems.

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