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A Robust, Cross-platform Response Application For Thompson Consulting

Thompson Consulting Services is a full-service emergency response, disaster recovery, and grant management firm. Thompson Consulting Services has supported more than 100 federal, state, and local government entities in the planning for and response to disaster incidents such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, ice storms, oil spills, rock slides, and other natural disasters.

Challenge: Efficient Disaster Response Amidst Technological Constraints

Natural disasters often leave in their wake vast amounts of debris and infrastructural damage. In these critical moments, swift action is needed to help communities recover. The state or county typically calls upon Thompson Consulting to lead the cleanup. The immediate challenges are vast: rapidly hiring and training a large workforce, onboarding them for payroll, ensuring every debris pile’s geolocation is logged for FEMA reimbursements, and operating in areas often devoid of active cell signals. Moreover, there’s a need to produce paper debris “tickets” from a myriad of devices, integrating with diverse portable Bluetooth printers.

Solution: A Robust, Cross-platform Response Application

Sourcetoad devised a multi-functional app tailored for Thompson’s needs. This system not only facilitates the rapid hiring, background checking, and onboarding of workers but is also equipped to tag debris locations reliably, even offline. Using advanced geolocation algorithms, the app offers precise feedback on the jurisdiction of each site (state, county, federal, or private) to ascertain which governmental entity would bear the cleanup costs.

Recognizing the limitations of existing Bluetooth printer drivers, especially given the diversity of devices used, Sourcetoad developed custom drivers, ensuring seamless integration with portable printers across various phone models.


Swift Workforce Mobilization:

Thompson Consulting can now rapidly recruit and deploy vast
numbers of laborers, ensuring prompt disaster response.

Reliable Data Logging:

Even in areas without cell reception, the app logs precise geolocation data, ensuring FIMA compliance and guaranteeing reimbursements for every piece of debris cleared.

Seamless Integration:

The app’s custom Bluetooth drivers ensure hassle-free printing across countless devices, making fieldwork more efficient.

Community Impact:

With this system, Thompson Consulting accelerates community recovery after disasters, bringing hope and normalcy to those affected by calamities.

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