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A Smart, Self-Service Mail Kiosk with Custom Bluetooth Integration for uShipIT

uShipIT is a service for finding the best shipping options.

Challenge: Efficient Shipping Solutions for Large Campuses

In sizable corporate or university environments, daily shipping requirements are diverse and frequent. Despite the constant need to send packages, pinpointing the most efficient and cost-effective method often became a tedious task. Traditional methods required individuals to invest time in manual research, often missing out on organizational shipping discounts and resulting in inflated costs and prolonged delivery times.

Solution: A Smart, Self-Service Mail Kiosk with Custom Bluetooth Integration

Sourcetoad, in close collaboration with shipping experts, engineered uShipIT: a state-of-the-art tablet application that’s perfectly synchronized with a cutting-edge 3D scale via a custom Bluetooth interface we developed. Positioned prominently as a self-service mail kiosk within corporate and university campuses, uShipIT stands as a beacon of shipping innovation.

Once users place their package on the kiosk, the application, leveraging the Bluetooth-connected scale, assesses the weight and dimensions of the package. Using this precise data, uShipIT rapidly determines the fastest and most affordable shipping method available. Moreover, the system’s seamless integration with each institution’s USPS or FedEx accounts ensures that all users directly benefit from corporate shipping discounts, bringing down the total shipping costs significantly.


Optimized Shipping:

With the introduction of uShipIT, students and employees can effortlessly find the best shipping options, eliminating the guesswork and time-intensive research.

Substantial Savings:

By channeling institutional USPS or FedEx discounts directly to users, uShipIT realized savings in the hundreds of thousands of dollars in shipping costs for its users in its inaugural year alone.

Innovative Integration:

Sourcetoad’s custom Bluetooth interface for the 3D scale ensured seamless data transfer and accuracy, enhancing the overall user experience and reliability of the system.

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