A Secure, Intuitive Tax Preparation Application for Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc. is the second largest tax-preparation service in the United States; responsible for preparing over 2 million federal, state, and local income-tax returns each year.

Challenge: Streamlining the Tax Preparation Process for the Mobile Age

Jackson Hewitt, the nation’s second-largest tax preparation service, recognized a growing need among its clientele. While their strong presence in Walmart locations ensured accessibility, there was a desire to simplify the tax preparation and filing process for customers who preferred digital solutions. The vision was clear: a mobile application that not only assisted users in preparing their taxes but also helped them get organized and feel confident about the upcoming tax season.

Solution: A Secure, Intuitive Tax Preparation Application

To bring this vision to life, we collaborated with Jackson Hewitt to create a cross-platform mobile application tailored to their unique requirements. One of the app’s standout features allowed users to take photographs of their tax-related documents, which were then uploaded to a secure vault. This vault could be accessed remotely, giving customers the flexibility to either review their documentation digitally or visit a physical branch for in-person assistance.

In ensuring that the app was both user-friendly and consistent with Jackson Hewitt’s brand, we partnered with a design agency for the application’s aesthetics. Additionally, our team provided consultation on API design and emphasized stringent security measures to guarantee the safe handling of users’ sensitive information.


Holistic Tax Experience:

The app successfully bridged the gap between digital convenience and in-person guidance, offering users a comprehensive tax preparation journey.

Enhanced Security:

By focusing on robust security measures, customers could trust the application with their confidential tax documents.

Widespread Adoption:

Our collaborative efforts were validated by the market’s response, with the app garnering over 100,000 downloads, affirming its value to Jackson Hewitt’s clientele.

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