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A Personalized Eyewear Recommendation Tool for LensCrafters

LensCrafters is an international retailer of prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses.

Challenge: Enhancing the Online Eyewear Buying Experience

The rise of online eyewear shopping presented a unique challenge: How can customers confidently choose glasses without trying them on? While online shopping offered convenience, it also brought forth concerns about fit and style. LensCrafters, in their market research, identified an opportunity to personalize eyewear recommendations by gathering insights about a customer’s face shape, personal style, and more. This not only promised a better shopping experience but also aimed to drastically reduce the rate of product returns. In physical stores, another challenge emerged: the overwhelming number of choices available to customers.

Solution: A Personalized Eyewear Recommendation Tool

In partnership with LensCrafters and leveraging their research data, we developed a sophisticated web and mobile application. Using tailored algorithms, the application would prompt users with a series of questions, such as their face shape, gender, and unique style-based queries (for example, “Which of these four dogs appeals to you the most?”). The intention was to deduce individual style preferences and match them to suitable eyewear options.

This application was dual-purposed: it was available online for remote shoppers and also integrated into iPads within LensCrafters’ physical stores. Whether online or in-store, once customers completed the questionnaire, they were presented with a curated selection of sunglasses best suited to their preferences, simplifying their decision-making process.


Tailored Shopping Experience:

With the new tool, customers enjoyed a personalized shopping journey, both online and in-store, ensuring higher satisfaction rates.

Reduced Return Rates:

By aligning customer preferences with tailored eyewear recommendations, LensCrafters experienced a significant drop in product returns.

Streamlined In-Store Selection:

The in-store application integration helped customers navigate the vast eyewear selection efficiently, enhancing their shopping experience.

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