Developing an Innovative Sales Tool and Calculator Application for Baxter Medical Healthcare Development

Baxter International Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of hospital supplies and a leading provider of medical specialty products.

Challenge: Demonstrating Tangible Cost Savings Application

In the competitive landscape of medical healthcare, Baxter stands out as a conglomerate offering a multitude of medical products and services. However, the company faced a persistent challenge: conveying the potential long-term cost savings of their products to individual physician practices. Despite providing competitive prices, Baxter’s sales representatives found it challenging to illustrate the cumulative financial benefits of their offerings during in-person meetings with physicians and office managers.

Solution: A Dynamic Sales Tool for Real-Time Demonstrations

To bridge this communication gap, Sourcetoad developed an innovative sales tool and calculator application specifically designed for Baxter’s mobile sales representatives. This intuitive “application device” was optimized for iPads, ensuring that sales reps could effectively use it during their meetings with potential clients.

With this tool in hand, sales representatives could engage in interactive sessions with physicians or office managers. By inputting data relevant to the practice and juxtaposing it with competitor metrics, the application would generate comprehensive visual representations of potential savings. Detailed graphs, charts, and quotes could be generated on the spot, offering a clear snapshot of how Baxter’s products could translate to tangible financial benefits in the long run. Moreover, the ability to instantly email these personalized visual reports directly to clients added another layer of convenience.


Empowered Sales Reps:

Equipped with this dynamic tool, Baxter’s representatives could provide real-time insights, making their sales pitches more compelling and data-driven.

Data-Driven Decisions:

By visualizing potential savings, physician practices could make informed choices based on tangible financial projections rather than abstract promises.

Increased Engagement:

The application’s interactive nature fostered a more collaborative dialogue between sales representatives and potential clients, fostering trust and understanding.

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