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Custom 360 Assessment and Learning Management System for CTI Leadership

The Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) is the world’s largest in-person and online coach training and leadership development organization, and has trained over 65,000 global leaders.

Challenge: Inefficient and Inflexible Evaluation Platform

CTI Leadership, initially part of USF Health at the University of South Florida, focuses on human development through coaching and mentorship in healthcare. It assists physicians transitioning into management and leadership roles. CTI faced challenges with their existing 360 evaluation platform, which was not only costly but also lacked the necessary customization to support their specific business workflow. The platform’s limitations hindered their ability to effectively assess and develop healthcare professionals.

Solution: Development of a Comprehensive Customized System

To address these challenges, Sourcetoad embarked on a project to develop a new system that would not only replace the existing platform, but also enhance and expand its capabilities. Key aspects of this project included:

1. Custom 360 Assessment System: The cornerstone of the solution was a tailored 360 assessment system that closely mirrored CTI’s unique workflow. This system allowed for comprehensive evaluations of physicians’ leadership and management skills.

2. Extensive Discovery and Engineering Process: Recognizing the complexity of CTI’s needs, Sourcetoad conducted a thorough discovery and engineering phase. This process involved meticulous planning and design, ensuring every aspect of the application, down to user clicks, was thoughtfully crafted.

3. Integration of Mentor/Mentee Communication: The system evolved to include a platform for seamless mentor-mentee communications, facilitating more effective coaching and guidance.

4. Learning Management System (LMS): A significant extension of the project was the development of a Learning Management System. This LMS was designed to offer customized learning modules based on the gaps identified in the 360 assessments, providing targeted educational content to program participants.

5. Mobile App for Participants: To enhance accessibility and convenience, a mobile app was developed for program participants. This app allowed users to engage with the program and access resources on the go.


Enhanced Assessment and Development Process:

The custom 360 assessment system significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of evaluating physicians’ leadership skills.

Customized Learning Experiences:

The integration of the LMS with the assessment system allowed for personalized learning paths, aligning educational content with individual development needs.

Improved Communication and Accessibility:

The mentor/mentee platform and mobile app facilitated better communication and access to resources, enhancing the overall experience for both mentors and mentees.

Cost-Effective and Streamlined Workflow:

By replacing their old platform with a customized solution, CTI Leadership not only reduced costs but also aligned their digital tools more closely with their operational workflow.
In conclusion, Sourcetoad’s comprehensive and customized digital solutions provided CTI Leadership with the tools necessary for effective human development in healthcare, transforming their approach to physician leadership training.

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