Ugly Websites Built For Your Enjoyment, Anguish

Nov 18, 2015

I like to give the guys something fun to do ONCE in a while. So this time round, we hosted the “Bad Website Design Competition”!

Everyone was given two hours, and that’s it (they do have real work to do). The only rule to follow was… Create the worst website you possibly could in the time allotted. Without further ado, here are the finalists as I know many of you have been waiting so patiently for 🙂

“A 3-D Website To Nowhere”, John Dickinson

“Skull Stereogram Background Website with Lyrics”, Bob Dickinson

“Pools Socks: Keep Your Feet Dry”, Daniel Devereux

“Bad Interwebs”, Phil Sanders

“This Man”, Nick DeMelas

“Big Brother Is Watching”, Justin Weber

“Campaign To Bring Back the Sourcetoad Intern Who Left Us”, David Eddy


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