Introducing Tadpole.js: A JavaScript Library Built to Enhance Backbone.js

by | Dec 23, 2014

Backbone.js is a JavaScript library that any developer can get up-and-running with, in just a matter of moments. Backbone exists exactly for the reason it sounds like it exists: to give your JavaScript applications some “backbone” by providing structure — albeit limited — and organization which can help keep your code clean and consistent. Despite the benefits Backbone.js gives your JavaScript applications, as a developer, you’re still required to perform a few things manually. Essentially, you still have to spend a considerable amount of time deciding how to fill in the gaps that Backbone leaves open.

With Backbone.js, trivial chores such as package management must be configured before moving forward with your project. You also have to create a file structure, establish code standards, and dozens of other repeatable, time wasting tasks.

As a result, although Backbone.js is great for overall functionality and structure of your applications, it still leaves room for some improvement. At Sourcetoad we’ve developed our own JavaScript library that aims to fill in some of these gaps. We’re happy to announce this as an open-source project we’ve named Tadpole.js.

Tadpole.js is a JavaScript library meant to enhance Backbone.js, not replace it. Automation was the goal when creating Tadpole. It provides a boilerplate scaffold including powerful generators, gulp.js automation and more, right out of the box. Tadpole was created in an effort to reduce trivial tasks and decision making when setting up a Backbone application.

Give it a try on your next JavaScript application. We’ll be adding to the library continuously. You can take a look at the website here; or, visit the Github here. Leave us a comment telling us what you think and spread the word.

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