How Mobile Apps Are Driving Revenue for Businesses Using Geo-Targeting

by | Jan 8, 2014

One of the things we specialize in is creating mobile apps for businesses, and one of the main reasons this market exists at all is because mobile apps are able to boost a business’s revenue in a number of ways. If this doesn’t seem immediately obvious to you, one way you can think about it is like this: When someone downloads your mobile app to their phone, your business now remains connected to that person via a device they carry on them self at all times. The potential is huge.


Smart ads can display geographically relevant content to anyone anywhere in the world. All you have to do is tell the ads where to go. In the past this would have taken months of planning and research.

Push Notifications

Like geo-targeted ads, push notifications deliver relevant information to your customers based on the demographics you specify. So, if one of your locations in a particular area is having a special, you could send a notification to all of your app’s users in that area.

Data Gathering

Now that you’re delivering geo-targeted ads and push notifications, you essentially have the best consumer research company for your business in the world. You’ll always be on top of which promotions are performing the best, where, and to which demographic. Large businesses and corporations often spend millions to get this kind of data and feedback. Once you have these analytics, you can strategize all of your marketing and promotions with exact precision, time and time again.

“Just in Time” Promos

Now that reaching any customer is virtually as easy as calling them directly, you can take advantage of “just in time” specials. Think: Groupon Now.

Auto-Fill Forms

Customers hate filling out forms when they’re making a purchase online or on their phone, but by using a smart phone’s built-in GPS, you can have your app auto-fill their address information when they conduct a transaction. This small feature actually can significantly decrease the likelihood that you customers get frustrated and give up on the transaction.

Use Responsibly

Geo-targeting is a great power, and like all great powers, it comes with much responsibility. If you abuse geo-targeted ads and notifications, your customers will become annoyed, regret downloading your app, and disappear. So, it is advisable to only use this luxury of modern marketing when it is most applicable.


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